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Our Roots


Welcome to the Growing Gan Early Childhood Center!

  Each child is like a seed that we nurture with the utmost care. 

The seed's every experience shapes and colors the quality of its matured self.

 Love. Roots. Our love for each child plants roots of confidence and security.

 Water. Sun.  A small class. Enthusiastic staff.  A home away from home for each child.

We nurture each child's nature, with a program that is rich with exploration, and play-based learning. 

Our activities include, art, music, science, gymnastics, gardening, drama, cooking and weekly special activities.

It is a privilege for us to play a role in each child's growth!

​We are centrally located near: Beverly Grove, West Hollywood, and  Beverly Hills.

I welcome you to schedule a tour and learn more about The Growing Gan Preschool.

Baily Fischer,


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